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You can make the difference.

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You can make the difference.

TODAY is Giving Tuesday, a day meant to help non-profits like us raise money.

I am good at many things, but asking you for money has never been one of them - it's something I'm not very comfortable with, and haven't been from day one.

I've been told that I am famous for not asking you for money, and I think that is one of the nicest compliments I've ever received.

I prefer the approach that if people like and believe in what I do, they will donate and help; so far with your support that has carried us through.

I don't get paid to do this, but in fact spend $1,000 a month out of my pocket; to date, I've spent over $100,000 of my own money to help animals.

Outside of my full time employment, Flying Fur is my passion, and my life. As I have mentioned before, I did not choose this path, but rather it chose me, and I am just following what I believe is my purpose on earth.

As of this writing, we have helped save over 2,900 animals, continue to build out our dedicated future rescue property, and have 2 transport vehicles; I am in process of personally building a 3rd custom ground transport vehicle, that will have even greater transport capacity.

We have no administrative overhead or salaries - 100% of your donation goes directly towards our mission.

So, should you choose to donate today, I hope it is to a cause as close to your heart as this is to mine; if it happens to be us, well, that's even sweeter, and I am extremely grateful for your support.

As I've said before my friends, no one gets out of here alive, and you can't take it with you; all that matters in life is what you do while you are here.

Do something while you are on this planet to make a positive difference in a unique way that you can. For me, it's animal rescue, and as I like to say, as long as I have a pulse and a paycheck, I will never, ever stop.